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Using Asciidoc for Web Development

During the day, I work with content management tools and support documentation writers who’s preferred language of choice is Asciidoc. It has a simple syntax, but enough features to keep even a hard core documentation nerd happy. With Asciidoc, you can write documentation in a more natural way and mark it up cleanly for presentation on the web or as a PDF. This got me thinking, "Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to maintain a website purely with Asciidoc? ... Read more

Living with Hypoparathyroidism

I am often asked why I use a cane to walk and thought this was a good opportunity to provide some information and links to resources for the condition knows as hypoparathyroidism. In 2009 I developed a thyroid disorder resulting in a tumour that was restricting my breathing. It also resulted in low thyroid levels which caused issues with weight gain, slow healing and general all round fatigue. To give you an idea of how this affects healing, I was living in Georgia with my wife and two dogs and one day I got the equivalent of a rope burn from the leash, it took months to heal. ... Read more